La Sauce!


This month marks the one year anniversary of the release of “La Sauce”, a fresh, experimental take on the traditional Bikutsi music genre of the Cameroonian people. We absolutely love Kien Renisse “Reniss” Nde, the youthful creative behind this hit. She takes African culture to a new level and celebrates the people that we are. Enjoy it!

Colourism: A Conversation.


Grab a friend come and join us for a fun and creative informal discussion on a burning issue affecting Africans all over the world, a complex phenomenon many know little about: Colourism (also known as shadesim or The Brown Paper Bag Test).

We’ll be exploring the implications of this form of intraracial discrimination, the notion that darker skin is less desirable or “uglier” than lighter, fairer skin.

Date: Thursday 25 May 2017 (Africa Day)
Venue: Chez Zandi Bistro, 328 Herbert Chitepo Avenue (next to Alliance Francaise)
Time: 10am-12pm

Limited spots are available so be sure to register ($3) by Monday 15 May. Contact Sam on 0784426826 to register and feel free to ask her any questions you may have about the event.

We definitely hope to see you there!

Feature poem: African Reality.

Chirikure Chirikure is a talented and multi-award winning Zimbabwean poet, writer and musician. He is one of the pioneers of professional performance poetry in the country. He rose to prominence in the 1980s with his educative poems done in vernacular and English. His first volume of poetry, Rukuvhute received honourable mention in the 1990 Noma Awards. Here is a poem he wrote entitled “African Reality”.

Tell us what you think!

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Happy Independence Day, Zimbabwe!


We would sincerely like to wish Zimbabwe a Happy Independence Day! Today, 37 years ago, Zimbabwe became a nation free from colonial rule.

For Africans to experience a true sense of liberation and sustainable development, we must unite and let go of the variant ideological, political, economical, personal and religious differences. We need to uphold the concept of Ubuntu and acknowledge that by nature we as Africans have one destiny. When we become conscious about the need to unite, we will experience true liberation.

Here are 10 Happy Zimbabwean Firsts:

  1. First African woman to win the Commonwealth writers prize for fiction – Tsitsi Dangarembga, Nervous Conditions.
  2. First Zimbabwean to run for Secretary-General of the UN – Bernard T.G Chidzero.
  3. First Black Medical Practitioner in Zimbabwe – Dr Tichafa Parirenyatwa.
  4. Youngest Zimbabwean ever enrolled into university – Maud Chifamba (enrolled at University of Zimbabwe for an accounting degree at age 14).
  5. Zimbabwe’s first black lawyer – Herbert Chitepo. A special law was introduced in 1954 to allow him to occupy chambers with white colleagues.
  6. Zimbabwe’s all-time leading goal scorer in football – Peter Ndlovu. He scored 38 goals in 100 games for the national team, “the Warriors”.
  7. First female author to publish in Shona – Jane Chifamba, Ngano Dzepasichigare, 1964.
  8. The first gold medal ever won by a Zimbabwean team at the Olympics was won by the women’s hockey team, the “Golden Girls”  at the Moscow Olympics in 1980.
  9. The first medical separation of conjoined Siamese twins surgery in Africa was carried out at Harare Central Hospital in 2014.
  10. The first Zimbabwean philanthropist to set up charity organisations for the disabled – Jairos Jiri.

Source: Book of African Records, Copyright 2016

————————————————————————————————————————————-IMG-20170413-WA0039Prime minister elect, Robert Mugabe, 4 March 1980. Part of a nation address. 


Say “Rwanda” without saying “genocide”.

Fact: when most people are required to present any information they know about the vibrant country that is Rwanda, they stick at “genocide” – probably (embarrassingly) the only thing they know about the best performing country in East and Central Africa.

Today, Friday 7 April, 2017, we are reflecting on the Rwandan Genocide. It’s been twenty-three years since the horrific event occurred and The 25 May Movement wants to both reflect with the rest of the world and share with you 5 facts about Rwanda you probably didn’t already know:

  1. Kinyarwanda is the national language.

2. Rwanda has the highest representation of women in parliament in the world! hashtagsmashingthepatriarchy 😉

3. The environmentally conscious country became the first in the world to ban plastic bags in 2007.

4. Mountain gorillas and golden monkeys can be found at its renowned Volcanoes National Park. Fancy.

5. Only about 1% of the original inhabitants of Rwanda, the Twa, still inhabit the land today.


Independence for Senegal!


On the 4th of April, we celebrated the independence of Africa’s Senegal.
Senegal became an independent country a result of the transfer of power signed with France on their independence day in 1960.  The Senagalese join together to celebrate their sovereignty each year!
We are proud to note that Senegal is a respected leader in African unity and development and is well known for being a promoter of African art; something we as the 25 May Movement hold dear to our hearts!
Join us as we help our fellow Africans celebrate their independence! We’re excited, are you?
We are challenging you to participate in these celebrations! Share our post! Share this with somebody! Post a picture if you have to!
Let’s help celebrate Africa.

Kubatana – Unity on the African Continent


Definition: dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.
Reasons why it exists: Ignorance
Xenophobia in Africa should NOT exist. We are one! Brothers and sisters of the soil. Different languages, different traditions, different skin tones but one thing inevitably common…Africa, unity, roots. We should stand tall and fight for each other and not against…it is simply the African way. Ubuntu. Kubatana. Humanity to others.

“I am what I am because of who we all are.” This is the Pan-African way.

No to xenophobia. Yes to unity.

Remember when we met Ammara…

Multi award-winning Zimbabwean musical artist Ammara Brown was with us at the annual TiriAfrika concert on Africa Day (25 May ;)) with us last year. Will we see you there again? We surely hope so!