What we do


Our vision is to build a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable creative sector that contributes to development in Africa. We tackle questions on how creative industries influence governance, human rights issues, democracy, and the process of self-actualisation.  We ignite discussions, debate, and discourse around arts and culture We explore visual narratives and design thinking, creating compelling stories and promote creative problem-solving.

To date, we have run a nationwide radio broadcasting series, facilitated conversation circles around Harare, facilitated a seminal workshop, published short films and reached an online viewership of 60 thousand. Through performance and visual art, digital media, dialogue, and activism, our continent is radically transforming into something from our wildest imaginations.

Join us as we change the African narrative through cultural practice and creative arts. For some people, answering ‘yes’ to humanity is a magnificent act of change and for others, it is in the small decisions we make about how we choose to lead our lives! 



    • Dear Daniel, we’d love to have you! Please email us (the25maymovement@gmail.com) and tell us in 100 words why you want to join the movement and what you would contribute to it.


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