#cultureicons feature: Tamba Africa Circus


The second feature in our #cultureicons recognition is Tamba Africa!

Tamba Africa is Zimbabwe’s first and only social circus movement established to empower talented yet disadvantaged youth through circus arts, performance and African dance theatre. This approach is as an alternative intervention method for positively transforming and developing marginalized communities in the country. The circus troupe is composed of young female and male artists of mixed ability (disabled and non-disabled) including musicians, acrobats, jugglers, contortionist, tumblers, and traditional African as well as contemporary dancers. These talented performers are recruited from a diversity of locations, informal settlements and ghettos where they are engaging and transforming the communities they represent.

Tamba Africa Circus’ philosophy is deeply rooted in the tradition of storytelling and folklore. To foster community inclusion and engagement, the group creates productions for audiences young and old. Each storyline incorporates visual and audio influences from various cultures across the continent. The combined artistry of the performers offers a unique experience of circus art while collectively developing careers as circus artists. We love to see it.

We asked the group what their pan-African vision is and this is what they shared:

Tamba Africa Circus believes that the spirit of Hunhu/Ubuntu means leaving no one behind. As a social circus movement, our pan-African vision is to use creative African cultural heritage for the inclusion, education and empowerment of the most vulnerable young people living in the margins of our societies.

The 25 May Movement recognises the contributions of Tamba Africa Circus to culture.

Follow Tamba Africa Circus:

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