Introducing – Kquesol: DJ, Producer


In case you hadn’t noticed amidst the global health pandemic we’re facing, the month is May! This means that the 25 May Movement along with the entire African continent is recognising a united vision for prosperity for our people. As we like to do best, we have dedicated this month to celebrating our #culturalicons from near and far. To start us off, we introduce Kquesol!

Self-dubbed the Afrotech Alchemist, Kenneth Ntuli who is otherwise known as KqueSol is a seasoned Dj/Producer who started his musical journey at the Soul Candi Institute of Music in 2012. Hailing from Mpumalanga, South Africa, his discography shows off his impeccable ability to fuse tribal house music with soulful deep house. The multi-faceted musician has a pocket full of surprises including an elaborate career in chemical engineering, an occupation he pursues when he is off the desks.

KqueSol has worked with industry giants such as Vinny Da Vince, Christos, Fistaz Mixwell, Atjazz and Lulo Café. This accumulation of sounds continues to propel him to experiment more with the genre. He is the hitmaker behind records such as Afrikan Lesson, Better Days and most recently Bayede ft. Lizwi. For Bayede, Kquesol found inspiration in African ethnomusicology as well as ancestral melodies and vocals. This seems to be a growing sonic culture known in the industry as Afrotech. The single has been officially available on all music platforms since 21 February 2020.

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Here at the 25 May Movement, there are three core principles that drive our work. The first is pan-Africanism: We believe in the people, prosperity and unity of the African continent. The second is creativity: we imagine, innovate and invent through the power in our culture, heritage, and creative practices. Thirdly, we are propelled by meaningful work: we pay attention to the world around us and work towards the equality and dignity of people in our community. It is always important for us to find out what values move our cultural icons. We asked Kquesol what his pan-African vision is. This was his response:

Africa is a diverse continent that is rich in its history and heritage. When I produced the song Bayede, I wanted to highlight African pride through the Afrotech genre which is a fusion of Tribal, Deep and Soulful House music. The wide array of musical sounds and practices represent the multifaceted nations and regions across Africa.  My role as a musician is to present an authentic sound that is distinct from any other genre of music. Bayede is a song that praises God in the Zulu language. This is important to me as an artist because we need to remind ourselves of our African roots despite the popular culture movement. I am a proud Ndebele man and it is our responsibility as Africans to introduce the world to these indigenous sounds to inspire future generations to create art that celebrates the African diaspora.


We are thrilled to witness the contributions of artists such as Kquesol to our collective efforts. We want to challenge you this month to tell us what your cultural legacy on the continent will be.

Support a cultural icon. Find KqueSol on social media:
Instagram: @kquesolTwitter: @KqueSolFacebook: @kquesol |  Youtube: KqueSol

To contact Kquesol with PR inquiries:

Katlego Selepe Maifadi | | +27 78 429 6257

Celiwe Malinga | | +27 67 145 3310

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