Artist Spotlight: Munyaradzi Nyamarebvu


Zimbabwe’s Munyaradzi Nyamarebvu performs entrancing and uplifting songs with ancient soul and modern spirit. Backed by the distinctive timbral qualities of a Zimbabwean mbira-based guitar alongside indigenous instruments such as hosho, marimba and “mbira dzevadzimu”, he draws his influences from Shona traditional folk rhythms. He has performed at Harare International Festival of the Arts, Unplugged Zimbabwe and Intwasa Festival in Bulawayo.

Munya’s music addresses the African philosophy of ubuntu and humanitarian issues. Munya possesses a distinct voice that resounds with defiant strength and profound tenderness. With international performance experience since 2014, his ethnomusic style continues to transcend through all barriers reaching diverse cultural audiences on the global stage. He is an affiliate of Pakare Paye Art Centre where he coordinates a “Play it For Pakare” art showcase platform. His “Ngatidanane” peace project continues to engage as a US Department of Arts and culture affiliate.

In 2014 and 2015, Munya embarked on a collaborative project with German band JAMARAM, accompanied by a CD release titled “HEAVY HEAVY” and tour under the project name Jamaram and The Acoustic Night Allstars. Munya Muzic was born out of masterclasses, jam sessions, share sessions, performances, residencies & workshops, together with a healthy dosage of culture & heritage arts fanaticism.

In 2016, Munya’s work was noticed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and he was featured in a profiling interview on BBC News and BBC World Service East Africa channels. Munyaradzi gave a memorable solo live performance at Pakare Paye Arts Centre dubbed “Live and Unplugged at Gokoro” which was recorded for the interview and later on re-released through his brand in a special DVD release.


2015 Heavy Heavy – Jamaram and Acoustic Night Allstars. Turban Records/KKBB publishers;

2017 One Beat Mixtape FSN/New York;

2018 Ngatidanane – Monolio Studios, ZW;

2019 Single/ My Sweet African Couscous – Monolio Studios.

Join us this Saturday (30 November) at the Zimbabwe German Society where Munya will be showcasing is music and sharing his experiences on the theme, Intercultural Encounters.

Subscribe to Munya’s Youtube channel or listen to his music on SoundCloud.


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