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You are here because you believe in the arts, because you believe in meaningful work, because you believe in Africa.


The 25 May Movement is a collective of artists, community organisers, social workers and cultural producers who are collaborating to lead social change in Africa. Through programming, capacity building and community-led initiatives, the organisation is tackling the United Nations’ sustainable development goals through a theory of change model that puts cultural practice and creative expression at the core.

The premise of the movement is simple: all communities around the world have imbedded in their ways of life the tools to navigate daily existence. The functions and value of these cannot be overstated; they are a participation in ‘togetherness’, a means by which knowledge can be communicated between generations and a repository of our collective experiences. They govern the decisions of individuals and of groups and inform the choices we make. They are the very essence of our lives and as such, can and must be employed to create and establish a culture of tolerance, unity and ethical intentionality.

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#cultureicons feature: Tamba Africa Circus

The second feature in our #cultureicons recognition is Tamba Africa! Tamba Africa is Zimbabwe’s first and only social circus movement established to empower talented yet disadvantaged youth through circus arts, performance and African dance theatre. This approach is as an alternative intervention method for positively transforming and developing marginalized communities in the country. The circus …

Artist Spotlight: Munyaradzi Nyamarebvu

Zimbabwe’s Munyaradzi Nyamarebvu performs entrancing and uplifting songs with ancient soul and modern spirit. Backed by the distinctive timbral qualities of a Zimbabwean mbira-based guitar alongside indigenous instruments such as hosho, marimba and “mbira dzevadzimu”, he draws his influences from Shona traditional folk rhythms. He has performed at Harare International Festival of the Arts, Unplugged …


What is the 25 May Movement Method?

Cultural Practice as a Tool for Building Progressive African Societies:

  1. Identify a societal problem in a given community;
  2. Investigate existing cultural practices, beliefs and creative expressions of this issue, traditional and contemporary;
  3. Ideate and execute appropriate programming that allows the community to confront the issue and come together through ritual/cultural practice to solve it.

Where is The 25 May Movement based?

The 25 May Movement was founded in Harare, Zimbabwe. We do, however, perceive ourselves to be a dynamic movement that travels across space and time.

Is the movement for females only?

Of course not! The 25 May Movement was founded by a group of young women but exists for all African people, regardless of sex, gender or orientation.

How can I contribute towards the movement?

The options are endless! You could submit a blog post/opinion/poem/essay (to the25maymovement@gmail.com), sponsor an event happening near you or advocate as a follower of the movement.

How can I become an official member of the movement?

Send us an email (the25maymovement@gmail.com) with your full name, nationality, age and gender, as well as a short letter telling us why you want to be a part of the movement and what you will contribute towards it (100 words). Alternatively, you can fill in this short form online: Membership Application Form.

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